Do You Show Compassion as a Leader?


By now we have all read that being an effective leader can increase production and improve overall results for many companies. When someone experiences working for a true #leader, they have trust, they work harder, and they are #loyal. So what does being an effective leader really mean? Research shows us that it is not just having intelligence but it is when leaders truly use their inherent personal capabilities or emotional intelligence skills that they truly become exceptional leaders. There are numerous qualities that make a leader great, but I like to consider the 4 C’s of leadership, the essence of individuals and teams.

When you consider these qualities, you also realize that these are the same skills that you can use in your personal life that can make it equally successful. It is an exceptional leader that can connect the dots between their job and their personal life and see how they work together.

#Clarity is about being focused and believing in your vision. Leaders know what they want to achieve, what to look for, and what to watch out for. They have a reference point of organization and know the steps that they must take to accomplish their goal. Clarity is the base of action in which individuals and teams are inspired to find solutions.

#Courage is about making first attempts and pursuing your actions despite obstacles. A leader must have courage to take risks and be accountable if things don’t go the way they were meant to. It is stepping up to the plate and letting go of control to trust in yourself and the outcomes. Courage is within us and it is letting go of the fear and embracing the change.

#Creativity is now considered the MOST important quality for leadership in business according to an IBM study. Having the ability to create something that is novel and top of mind makes creativity so important in today’s world. But what makes creativity such a challenge is the lack of time CEO’s have to brainstorm, experiment, and think outside the box. True leaders recognize the need and importance for innovation and creativity and building teams that can collaborate and share ideas freely.

#Compassion is when leaders have empathy and awareness of individuals and teams. This doesn’t mean that leaders are soft and therefore business does not get done. But it is when leaders recognize their teams as people; it is when they connect with them and understand their feelings. Research has shown that strong positive emotions produce superior results, and leaders who connect with their feelings are more compassionate. Leaders who are compassionate have less stress, are energized, and renewed in their roles.

When leaders take a step back and reflect on their own behaviors, they find the qualities within themselves to lead. A true leader will get results when they are positive, invest in strengths, surround themselves with teams, and understand employees as people.

Is your organization interested in improving leadership skills, productivity, and simply working better and smarter? Upstream Solutions trains organizations and individuals to “Create Within, Lead Throughout,” to increase the effectiveness of their leaders and teams, build thriving work environments and develop career direction. 


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