3 Simple Ways to Stick to Your Goals

goal lettersWith life moving at lightening speed and constant connectivity, how do we stay on top of our goals?  We are often too busy to keep track of everything we need to do and want to accomplish. Whether you are a business owner, working for a company or are in charge of your home, you experience overload. Staying on top of your short and long term goals is difficult but DOABLE. I have found that if I use the TMY3 Plan I stay focused on my goals and I am able to
make things happen. The success to any goal is being clear, focused and positive about what you want.  When your goals are manageable and within reach they are easier to achieve.

T stands for three things you want to accomplish each day.  Write down three things you want to get done each morning or the night before and concentrate on those 3 goals.  Make sure they are doable. They can be super simple such as making a call to a new prospect, coming up with an idea for a new blog post or touching base with an old friend. Whatever they are, refer to them throughout the day to make sure you are on target to completing your daily goals.

M stands for a 3 month goal. What is the one project that might take a little longer to accomplish but it is necessary for your success? The goal can be rewriting your linkedin profile, contacting a larger client that you want to work with or planning a vacation that you haven’t taken in a while. You realize that accomplishing this goal is key to your long term success. You don’t have to work on it each day but putting a little time and effort towards the goal each week will have it completed within 3 months.

Y stands for your 3 year goal.  We all have long term plans but when they are too far out we often disregard them.  Try working on a 3 year goal.  It might be a move to a new city or state, a new career or doubling your sales. Think about what you really want and write down the goal. When you write down your goals you are more likely to achieve them. Take a few steps each month towards your goal and believe that you will accomplish it.

A Harvard Study written in Forbes Magazine showed that those that had goals and wrote them down earned 10x more than those that did not write their goals down.  Having clear, measurable goals will keep you motivated and on track to what you want to accomplish.

Since the New Year is upon us, this is the perfect time to put new practices into place. Try the TMY3 Plan and let me know if it helps.  Leave a comment and thank you for reading.  Colleen is a consultant and coach working with organizations and individuals on increasing the effectiveness of leaders, creating thriving work environments and careers and marketing and sales strategies for success and positive change.


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