11 Steps to be organized and take control of your day.

We have all been there.  We have way too much to do but sometimes, we just can’t get out of our own way.  The list of things to do is a mile long, but you are STUCK!  How do you move past that feeling and get started?  As we know it is not necessarily the things on the list but our busy minds not wanting to deal.  Read below for some helpful tips to make your list manageable and get more accomplished with ease.

1.Take #Action. The key to all success is #action. Take one step and like dominos the other pieces will fall into place.  Set your intention on what you want to accomplish and take the first initial step.  Even if it seems minor, it is the act of starting that will get you moving.

2. #Prioritize your list.  From your list, decide what is most important for you to accomplish. What are your short term and long term #goals and based on that, rank your projects from the most important to the least.

3. #Plan your day.  The night before prepare a list of 3 to 5 things you want to #accomplish the next day.  If they are small tasks and require less time, try to accomplish more. Conversely, if they are larger projects which need more time, only have a few for that day.

4. Knock off some easy ones first.  You will feel like you got something accomplished and you will have more time to work on the larger projects throughout the day.

5. From the list, plot each project out hourly so you know what to do and when.  When the task has been completed, cross it off your list. Your list will start to dwindle and you will be ready for the next project.

6. Make a weekly #chart. Now that you did your first day, plot it out in the same fashion for the entire week. Get creative with the chart, so the tasks look appealing. Print a copy that you can keep on your desk as a reminder of the things you need to do.

7. Chart the full month. You may not have all projects planned out in detail but if a project requires more time, you can plan it out ahead of time.  This way you will feel more #accountable when you see the project due on a specific day and time.

8. Exercise. Be sure to include time to eat #healthy and #exercise.  Taking a brief walk will get your blood flowing and free up your mind from stress.

9. Take some quiet time or a few minutes to #meditate in between projects. The time you take to be quiet will spur new creative ideas and easier ways to look at something for your next project.

10. Stay #positive.  Start your day off positive. Tell yourself that you can do it. A positive attitude will keep your goals in sight and make it easier to achieve.

11. Reward yourself.  When you look at the end of the day, you will see how much more you have accomplished by just starting.  #Reward yourself with a #starbucks coffee, shopping spree or what ever makes you feel good. Share your list with a friend and if you need, ask them to keep you #accountable.

Once you get into the flow, you will notice that filling in the chart and accomplishing each project will make your day go smoother. You will feel confident, calm and your goals will be in sight.

How do you organize yourself? Leave a comment below?  If you would like a copy of the “Organize to Start” chart, an easy to fill in chart to get you organized, go to Upstream Solutions (consultant tab) and fill in your name and email.  I will send you the Chart along with helpful tips.

Upstream Solutions is a leadership strategy and consulting company, working with Organizations and Individuals to be clear, focused, creative and have the courage to inspire and motivate themselves and others.  #Create Within, #Lead Throughout will help you to improve #communication, #productivity, #decision-making skills, resilience and overall improved success and happiness!  Visit Upstream Solutions to create Success!


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