Do you have what it takes?

We have all worked and met great #leaders in our life. These leaders are our #bosses, teachers, parents, politicians. And yes, we all have the potential to be great leaders, but not everyone becomes a #leader that is remembered and admired. Think back to the leaders you have met. What qualities did they possess that touched you? One thing for sure, great leaders lead from their heart and #mind. It is not just text book knowledge but qualities that they draw from inside. Leaders that stand out have a vision and also rely on the 4 C’s.

#Vision, great leaders have a vision. They have a dream and are determined to follow it through. They pursue thoughts that are based on their values and ideas that they are passionate about. They are excited to share their vision with their team and view everyone’s input as valuable.

Communicate, great leaders know how to share, listen and engage with others. They are open-minded, share their thoughts and encourage others to do equally. They have open door policies so everyone can learn from one another. There is trust within the #organization and employees are encouraged to speak up when they have ideas that will help move the Company forward.

Connectors, true leaders connect with people and information for their own growth as well as helping others to succeed. They are #connectors of people and know that when information is shared, teams learn and grow to make the right decisions. They are mentors and love to help others learn.

Creative, great leaders never stop learning and are #creative in their thought process. They think outside the box and view a challenge as something to learn from. They trust that creative change allows for new fresh ideas and growth. They are not afraid to fail.

Clarity, true leaders are #clear in their direction. They know how to make a decision but also look to their line management to help them through the process. They are #focused on staying the course but know when to change direction for the best outcome.

Leadership Quotes to think about…attitude

  • “The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.” ~Deepak Chopra~
  • “When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” ~Stephen R. Covey~
  • “Leaders lead when they take positions, when they connect with their tribes, and when they help the tribe to connect to itself.” ~Seth Godin~
  • “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein~

What leadership quote would you write? Please share and become an author.

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About: Colleen Cassel is a #strategist specializing in #leadership #development, career direction and marketing consulting. Helping you to think outside the box, become aware of the moment and finding your sweet spot in your #professional and personal life.


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