Are you Stuck? Tips to become more productive

Have you ever been stuck? You have a project to do and you just can’t get yourself to do it. You do everything but that one thing. It remains on your “to do” list day after day. How can you get yourself to finally tackle that one project?

The definition of “stuck” is “to become fastened, hindered, checked or stationary by some obstruction.” Sound familiar? I decided to research ways to move out of my head as I also had a project that just wouldn’t go away.  These may seem simple, but they will help you move from stuck to fluid and become more #productive.

1.    Let go of the problem that is keeping you from moving #forward.  It is when you stare at the project day after day, that you stay stuck in the same place.  When you quiet your mind and become present in the moment, the answers begin to flow.  When a thought comes to you write it down and apply it to the project.

2.     Talk out loud about the thing that is keeping you stuck.  Basically give yourself permission to speak.  It is amazing when you start to hear your own words; you begin to understand what sounds right and what doesn’t.

3.    #Acknowledge what is keeping you stuck. Write down a list of what is holding you back and continue to ask yourself what else.  Keep adding thoughts to the list until you feel satisfied.

4.    #Visualize what you really want. See it complete with full clarity.  Take a few minutes at the end of your day, visualize how you want it to be and then sleep on it.  When you wake up your mind will be refreshed and the answer will come to you.

5.    Have power over the project.  Take control and ask yourself why it is so hard. Usually what you resist is not the thing itself, but what you imagine it to be. There are usually a number of ways to look at something, try looking at it in another way.

6.    Take a small step, don’t look at the entire mountain that you have to climb, look at the rock that is in front of you.  If you are feeling overwhelmed it probably means you are taking on too much.

7.    Create clear #goals and celebrate your #wins. Each day take another step towards your project and cross off what you have accomplished.  We all need to feel good about what we have done.

I hope these simple tips help. Leave a comment and let me know how you conquer your feeling of being stuck.  Thanks for reading.

How to unstick yourself
How to unstick yourself

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