How to handle Stress – 8 Simple Tips


Stress is one of those things that we all experience but knowing how to manage stress is the key to a happier, easier and healthier life.  Stress can be caused my any number of things but some of the major stress factors occur around work, financial problems, relationships, health issues, a move and caring for family members.

Not all stress is bad. When stress is working properly it can help us to stay focused and react quickly to protect us from danger. But when ignored and not handled in the right manner, excessive stress can lead to various health issues including weight gain, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, alzheimer’s disease, depression and even headaches.

Below are simple ways to relieve stress when you are put in a difficult situation.

1. #Time:  Managing your time is a huge stress reliever. We often experience stress because we don’t have enough time. We leave things that we don’t really want to do until the last minute, causing more stress than is needed. Prioritize and tackle the more unpleasant tasks first to prevent stress.

2. #Communication: If something is bothering you we don’t often take the time to talk about it. Learn to open up and share your point of view, honest communication will often diffuse the situation.

3. Walk away and breathe: Taking time to leave the situation will help you to reflect on the problem differently. Plus taking a few deep breathes will relax you and lessen the intensity of the moment.

4. Know your Limits: Understand what you truly can handle.  Learn to say no. You don’t always have to please others by saying yes to something you don’t really care to do.

5. #Exercise: Going for a run, walk, to the gym or any form of exercise will release the pent up anger, guaranteeing to diffuse the situation.  It is said you only need 20 minutes.

6. Friends, family and laughter: Spending time away from the situation with loved ones and laughing can help you to take your mind off the matter. Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

7. #Meditation: Many studies have proven that meditation and quiet time, even just 15 minutes a day, will relieve your stress.

8. Sleeping – Stress is often escalated when you are tired.  Sleeping will restore and energize you, enabling you to look at the situation with a new perspective.

To handle stress, it is important to understand your limits and know how far you can go.  Ones ability to tolerate stress depends on any number of things such as the quality of your relationships, your attitude, self control and knowledge of the situation at hand.  Take the time to acknowledge your level of stress and the ability to release it. It is not worth the illness it can cause. If you have some other ways to relieve your stress, share your comments below.


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