8 Tips to Writing a Blog

Everyone is telling you that it is all about content marketing and making sure you have a blog.  Well if you are involved in #social media or thinking about jumping in, remember it is about the #content you can offer your followers.

 Where do you begin?

  • When you are thinking about what you should write make the content of interest to your target audience. Your followers want to learn from you so offer them relevant content.
  • How to find the content that your readers might find useful or that is trending?  An interesting tool is # Google Trends You can type in words and see how they chart. You can break it down by region, country, city, days, months, years and even terms.  This is a very cool tool.
  • Creating a story or making it personal.  The reader wants to get to know you, what makes you tick and the path you traveled.
  • Lists are easy ways for your readers to scan what you are writing about. There is so much information on the web that a reader wants to be able to get to the point quickly.
  • Add photos and use color when bolding words. This breaks up the #content and you will make it more interesting for your readers.
  • Have a great #headline.  A good headline will attract 80% of your readers. You can search online at Copy Blogger  http://www.Copy Blogger.com for ways to write headlines that attract readers.
  • Write often. Remember consistency is very important. If you appear once and the reader enjoys your post and you don’t post for a while the reader will forget about you.
  • Jump in!  It is scary to start writing but it will only get easier once you begin to write.
    Be Creative and Write

Do you have a blog and what do you write about?  Leave a comment. Go to My Blog and check out some of my other useful tips.


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