How quickly do you respond?

Wow, in today’s world this is a hot topic. With so many emails circulating, over 300 billion in a day, what is the best way to respond in a timely, #professional and polite manner? 

We have all been there. Sometimes we are super punctual, other times we take forever to respond and occasionally we never respond.  But, when someone responds to you quickly, you certainly take note.  Plus you also remember the people that never responded to your emails.
Below are some quick tips to hopefully getting you a better response to your emails.

If you can, send your emails early in the day. Often busy people read their #emails first thing in the morning.

Keep the email headline catchy and make sure it pertains to the content in the email.

Get to the point in the email. Keep it Simple and clear.  A few lines is all you need for the reader to understand your message.

If it is an important email, reread the email before you hit send. Remember some conversations are not meant for emails and a quick phone call may save a lot of time and misunderstanding. 

If you need help from the reader, be direct and ask for it. The reader wants to know what you want.

If you are out of the office, use the out-of-the-office tool. The sender will not expect a response from you and wonder if you have read it.

If it is not needed, do not respond to “reply to all”.  A long chain of unnecessary emails will annoy the readers.

Emails are modern day letters and represent your personal #brand. Make sure they are grammatically correct and there are no spelling errors.

Remember, if you don’t have the time to read through the emails at least once a day, make it a goal to try for three times a week.  A simple response will go a long way to having people remember you as being a professional.  If you would like to read more helpful tips, sign up for Tuesday Notes at Upstream Solutions http://www.colleencassel.commailbox. Leave a comment.


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