Eight Tips for Getting Your Mojo On

So you want to accomplish a goal. Perhaps it is a new job, starting a business or completing a project at your present job.  You are super excited but your #motivation feels like it has been put on hold. You just can’t seem to start the project. You need that little bit of push but how do you get it?

It is easy to lose your motivation and you are not alone. Many people experience that same feeling, especially when you have a lot going on and it is a project that takes more time and planning, than you are used to.

The goal you have in mind is worth it, so don’t give up and try a few of the tips below to reclaim your mojo.

1.      Have the goal that you want to #accomplish in your mind.  Visualize it, but instead of just thinking about it, write down what your goal is, so you can actually see it and feel the emotion behind it.  As some of the very successful #self improvement authors agree, writing down not only what you want but how you will feel when you complete your goal gives you the clarity and focus you need.

2.      We often lose our motivation to start a project because it seems daunting to us.  We look at it in its completion and not the steps needed to make it happen. Write down the steps necessary to start the project. Make them doable. When you have completed a step, mark it off and you will see that the list is not that overwhelming.

3.      Change your setting. If you always work at the same desk, change it up.  #Creativity is spurred when you allow yourself to experience new things.

4.      Review your strategy for completing the project. There are often different ways to accomplish the same goal.  Perhaps it is in the planning stage that is keeping you back.  Relook at how you think you have to do it, and think of a new way that perhaps you had not thought of.

5.      Don’t be afraid to #ask for help. People love to give advice and value the chance to help someone else.

6.      Add fun to the project or think of ways that you can enjoy what you are trying to accomplish. It is your attitude that motivates you to continue with the project.

7.      Reward yourself along the way.  It can be as simple as taking a break and leaving the project for a bit of time or a slightly bigger reward for your progress.  Recognizing what you have #accomplished and having pride in your progress will motivate you to continue on the same path.

8.      Include an #exercise program in your day or week. Exercise will not only get your body moving but also your brain.  Physical activity boosts your brain chemicals resulting in a lift to your mood, a boost to your confidence and increasing your energy to accomplish more throughout the day.

Are you feeling motivated?  Try one or a few of the above and let me know if you have your mojo back.  Thanks for

reading and please leave a comment.NYC sky


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