Did you do your Research?

You have an incredible idea for your business and or product, but are others going to think like you do? You have the drive, #passion and enthusiasm but you haven’t done your research.

One of the first and most important things you can do in starting a business or introducing a new product, is research. Many businesses don’t always take the time to do the research prior to a product or business launch but the effort it takes can save you a ton of money and aggravation.

Research should be done not only at the beginning of the cycle but on a continual basis to keep in touch with the #market trends, your competition and your #client’s changing needs. Good research will ultimately mean an increase in sales, a savings to your bottom line, and the competitive edge you need to be successful.

The type of #research you need to take will all depend on whether you are starting a business or introducing a new product. Regardless, you have to know who your present or potential clients are and their problems that you are trying to solve. You can conduct research, online through web searches, periodicals, trade associations, and focus groups to understand your market and clients.

Knowing your present and potential clients and their wants and needs, is extremely important. The information you must gather is basic demographic information such as income, age, sex, occupation, household size, location and even hobbies. As well as their likes, dislikes and what might be missing about the product or business idea.

Remember, although the process may seem arduous, and you need to make some tweaks to the original plan, the information you receive will ultimately save you time and money before expanding the product to your full client base.

Besides the research, you have to believe in your product and have the passion to put the work in. If you have completed the research and you have made the necessary changes to your business idea or project, move forward with confidence. Remember passion, drive, research and motivation will make your business a success.


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