You are super excited to start a business. You have decided that you are going to finally leave your Corporate job and do something that matters and gives you the freedom you have been craving.  But like a deer in headlights, you get hit with a feeling and you can’t move.  It is the BIG F word, no, not the one you want to SAYbut that feeling that is so powerful, FEAR.  

According to Webster, the word Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined. There are many types of fears but how do you overcome them and prevent them from you achieving your dream.

For me, I experienced that same fear. I wanted desperately to start my own business but I was always finding an excuse. Was that excuse “fear”, absolutely. Thankfully I worked through my fears and started doing and acting without fear controlling me.  Do I still get fearful, you bet.  But there are techniques that you can do, to overcome your fears so you can move forward.  

It starts with learning how to control your mind, your responses, and your conduct. Gradually you will find freedom from your fears.

Acknowledge and Own your Fear.  Write down your fear. Name it and admit that you want to overcome it. Facing your fears head on, every time and be determined to conquer them.  Believe in your story.

Control your Imagination: Fear thrives when we imagine the worst. Our imagination allows us to project into the future so we can plan ahead.  But, misusing our imagination can cause more harm. Rethink your thoughts, remembering another scary situation and how you conquered your fear. 

Picture what you want: Take charge of your mind and envision the outcome you want to achieve. Create a picture or vision board of what you want, being descriptive so you believe it is yours.

Gratitude: Whenever you feel fear, switch it to what you are grateful for instead. Find gratitude in the opportunity. For example, because of your business idea,  many people will benefit and their problem will be solved. 

Persevere:  When something seems impossible to get past, stay determined. Don’t let other people hold you back. Surround yourself with positive people and know you have control of your future and the power to determine your path. 

Lastly, Understand Failure. When you realize that failure is not the end of the world, you become free. Sometimes failure is the lesson learned and the path to success.

What is your fear? Leave a comment and helps others who are facing fears.

Upstream Solutions works with entrepreneurs to navigate new age marketing, to move their business forward for success. Connect, Create and Grow at Upstream Solutions.
Colleen Cassel is founder of Upstream Solutions.  A leadership strategist and personal development coach, working with entrepreneurs who won’t let hurdles get in their way. An avid wellness enthusiast, blogger, and entrepreneur, excited to  work with you.20140302-212445.jpg


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