Saturday, I’m working!

Well, I am probably breaking all the rules of blogging but it is Saturday and here I am. You tell yourself, that you are only going to work for a few hours, but then you look at the clock and hours later you are still there. One project leads to the next. Then you debate, do you just continue and forget about having a life…. I tell myself, just another hour and let me do that one last thing that I was supposed to handle on Friday.

As I said, I will continue to write about what got me to this place and how I am progressing. I always wanted to own my own business and do what I loved. For me, that was helping people run their business from the experience I learned after a fabulous, fun career in Corporate America.

Lesson One for a Saturday. Get a life!!! Realize you can not work all the time and actually meeting people when you are out, helps you to grow. Not only your business but as a person. You will learn far more by others than trying to read every blog, and lesson on what you are doing wrong.

Thanks for listening, and share a comment if you care.
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