Truly Connecting

So what is the difference between Networking and truly Connecting? We all attend many events in hopes of closing a sale, introducing our business, selling a product, or sometimes just to collect business cards.

But what really happens to all those business cards when we return to our normal business day?  We stick them in a drawer and most often they are never looked at.  Except there are always a few we put aside because those were the people we really made the “Connection” with.

So what is “Connection”?  Connection is not when your first question after saying hello is “What do you do? or you are awkward and not really listening” but it is that personal question, laugh or in depth listening that makes you remember someone and that someone remember you. That is the card you keep, that eventually turns into further conversation.

It is not the number of business cards you collect but the quality of the 1 – 5 cards that you have gotten and put aside.

How do you truly make that Connection with someone you meet at an event?

  1. Be polite and converse with confidence, as if you are friends
  2. Share a warm smile and always hold eye contact
  3. Be open and not judgemental
  4. Build trust and respect
  5. Be of service, offer another connection
  6. Be thankful for the time

Try it the next time you are at an event. How do you make that connection? Leave a comment. Visit – Leadership and Personal Development Coach


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