Starting New…

I have started a blog page on my NEW website, and  I am only beginning so please be patient as I begin to write more on but also post here as well.

I want to make the reading experience enjoyable and helpful.  I will write on business tips as well as my love for health and wellness. It might be a great recipe or exercise tips, but I hope to strike a cord in someone. 

I am a firm believer that the mind, body and spirit are all connected to bring you greater success in business and life. Arianna Huffington recently wrote a post about how “Big Business Finally Learns that Wellness is Good Business”

She and others are absolutely right. As I look back and remember changing how I took care of my own health, my attitude also changed.  Combining good food, exercise and mindfulness puts you on the path to better living.  

Take a small step, to appreciating who you are!


Thanks for commenting. Come back again!

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